OJS 3x user profile contact tab Alternative E-Mail Address issue

Hello, @goodzy , @NateWr, @lsteele

In OJS user profile/registration the contact tab E-Mail address text-box does not support more than one E-Mail address.
I tried the comma “,” and semi-colon “;” options but it does not allows me for more than one E-Mail address

I want OJS to allow me for more than one/alternative E-Mail address as it is necessary in most cases. mostly application allows more than one E-Mail addresses by simply separating/putting commas or semi colon between E-Mail addresses or gave separate option for Alternative E-Mail address. (As examples are attached )

I am from www.ideapublishers.org and we are using OJS
any contribution will be appreciated.

Examples of other application…


Hi Amid,
I think that a single email address is required to handle each user individually, as happens in most services. Yes indeed it would be useful… but then every email is sent to both addresses, and in EM we had some complaints for this.

Hi @lsteele,
you are right but some people used organizational E-Mail addresses too or a person is working with more than one Journal etc,so in most cases it is needed, and that’s-why I think most services allows us for more than one.