[OJS 3.x] Improve submission status information

Hello PKPers, @asmecher, @ctgraham, @NateWr,

In OJS we are unable to see if a submission has been rejected in the initial page, or anywhere else, except when searching.
Although it may seem odd, this information should be somewhere visible in the submission information (near the artcile header info, for example), because we do not necessarily navigate through OJS lists.
In our case, we use a separate spreadsheet to control submission editorial processes. Sometimes authors are unable to submit a reviewed/updated version of the file in the original ID, so they submit a new one., which we add to our spreadsheet.

I personally use the URL to navigate, typing the article’s ID.

If for some reason I forget, or someone else forgets to register and hide the wrong/rejected ID from the spreadsheet, we always keep going to that ID and wondering what’s happening. We don’t send out messages to the authors with such articles, so there’s no visible record, unless we click on the History page (one more click to actually view relevant information).

The image below illustrates that this article can be rejected, even though it already has been rejected (at least once!).

I hope that OJS 3.3 improves on this feature, if it hasn’t already, as soon as possible.

In 3.3, this is clearly visible at the top of the submission workflow.


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