OJS 3 - Submission tracking improvements

Hello all,

Just looked at the improvements on submission tracking, and I have to say that I’m impressed and really glad that more detail and excellent and essential features on status have been added in such a clean and intuitive manner.

I would LOVE to add to this, as feature requests:

  • Team notifications: configurable, so more editorial team members can be notified even if not assigned - to prevent the need to log in everyday - and add participants, such as authors and reviewers assigned to the submission (if this hasn’t been added already!), to keep track of status and help control and avoid delays;

  • Export list/table: exporting this detailed list is also critical. If CSS styling has been correctly set up for @media print, just printing to file should do it, if the desired data is available. I would like to have more detail when “exporting” than what is displayed, such as submission ID - Title, author names and institutions/bio, reviewers (name) assigned, dated assigned, date due, delay. Sometimes we report to superiors who may help us dealing with such delays, and having a general list of the situation is critical when they request info on journal submission status and have no access to the system (or just don’t use it at all)…