[OJS 3] Submission to a specific issue/section restricted to a "group"

Hell all,

Does OJS 3 allow us to set specific issue or section permissions, meaning we could restrict submission, issue control and review to a specific set of users?
This would be most helpful when dealing with invited thematic, special or commemorative issues.

Hi @ramon,

The only option to limit access to certain sections is the option ‘Items can only be submitted by Editors and Section Editors.’ in the sections settings, but I think that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Regards, Primož

Hello @primozs,

Yes, but that option is used to prevent submission to specific sections. That doesn’t help when dealing with thematic or special issues, where a select group of authors is invited to produce articles for the journal and specific peers are invited to review them. It’s not an open submission.
Not exactly an ideal situation in terms of journal “quality”, but sometimes a needed solution when journal is late in publishing or a special subject is trendy…


I hope this is you…
I couldn’t find a tool to “tag” a person… only this option… so I hope you’ll follow this discussion. This is indeed a differential. Many journals work with thematic issues, and handling those along with regular submissions is quite cumbersome.

Also, enabling independent checklists for each section will improve the workflow in so many ways. I can’t find the request anymore to link it here…

Hi @ramon,

Yes this is me! Sorry about the “tag” terminology. You got it right. I just meant to @ my username. That gives me an email notification.

The earlier response from promizs is correct: you can prevent people from submitting to a section, but you can’t restrict submission to just one set of users. For now, I think the best way to handle this is to restrict submission to those sections, and have them include a note in the Comments to Editor during submission. An editor can then change the submission to a new section.

I don’t think we have any plans to support this in the near future. I think restricting it to users would be problematic, because for most journals authors don’t become users until they submit. But I can see the benefit of having an “Invite to submit” feature which allowed editors to send an email with a special submission link, which would allows authors to register and submit to a specific issue/section.

Hello @NateWr,

This is the current scenario:

  1. A editorial coordinator (EC) is invited to produce a special/thematic issue. He is sent a set of documents that define the guidelines for producing such an issue;

  2. EC invites a set of authors and reviewers, is designated to write one article and editorial (or invite another person to do so);

  3. We receive approved/reviewed articles and then submit them to the system, using author data we receive from ED.

The idea is to:

  1. get the list of authors and reviewers,

  2. (after they register or we do so for them - usually a small number of people), we could create special section for these authors to submit their paper.

This would prevent uninvited authors to submit to the wrong section, and, although these authors could misplace their submission, it’s a lesser hassle than to check if every single submission is in the right place.

Creating user groups is something quite new for OJS in this sense, as it seems to be a quite difficult endeavor. The other place where something similar exists (but lacks all the permissions) is for the Editorial Team pages.

As far as I know of OJS 3, this is somewhat in place for articles. It could be implemented for sections.

Hi @ramon,

Thanks for describing your use case more fully. That makes sense to me and I think the solution is really an “invite to submit” feature that pre-configured the section.

I think we are definitely interested in creating an “invite to submit” feature. I don’t think it will be available soon so I can’t promise any movement on that in the near future. But I think you’re not the only one who would benefit from such a feature.

Just want to bump the idea for the Invite to Submit feature. It would be very useful for peer review process.