OJS 3 sending submission confirmation copy email problem


I am using OJS and I guess we have problems with sending a copy of an acknowledging email to a primary contact. Actually, we don’t want to send that copy and have marked that in the settings:
However, the emails are coming. I am guessing that the problem can be as we first used that option and later changed it not to send emails. I am assuming something went wrong when excluding this option and the option is still set somewhere in the DB.

Do you think that can be an option? If so, how can I verify in the DB it it is set?

Any other explanation of the cause of the problem?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

There is also a setting in a user’s profile where they can check off whether they want to receive notifications of new submissions, so it could be that the user who is also the Primary Contact has that checked off. The user would have to go into their own account to change that setting, or you would have to use the “login as” feature to log in as that user and open their profile. It’s under the Notifications tab.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @astevens,

Actually it is just the contrary: we don’t want to get emails, but are getting them. I have verified and the setting is not checked.

Regards, Primož

Let me summarize.

You defined in Settings/workflow/Submission an option to send a copy of mail to primary contact is unchecked and primary contact still receives mail messages?

Hi @vvucic,

Yes, correctly. You can see the unchecked option on the picture above.

Best regards, Primož

Hi Amanda,
we have just upgraded to and unfortunately I no longer receive notifications of new submission (as in previous version). The screenshot above (notification of author submission) do not seem to be anywhere… is there any way I can be notified? It really is important that I am alerted of new submissions… Thanks if you can look into it.

Hi @lsteele,

Yes, this feature was removed but will be added back in OJS 3.4, which is due out late this year. Please see this forum post for information and a temporary fix.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team