OJS 3 Russian Translation

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I am beginning with common.xml. Using the ‘Translator’ plugin.
Would someone like to participate?


HI @Ph_We, maybe talk to Pavel who is already working on updating his Russian translation to OJS3, see https://pkp.sfu.ca/wiki/index.php?title=OJS:Russian(ru_RU)


Hi @mtub,

Thank you very much! I’ll contact him.


Hi @mtub,

I’ve noticed the relevant PR was submitted but wasn’t approved. What might be the problem? How can we help? This PR is much anticipated and long-awaited :slight_smile:


Hi @Ph_We,

it is merged now :slight_smile:


Hi @mtub,

Hurrah! Thank you so much! :sunny:

And many thanks to Pavel, of course! :+1: