[OJS 3] Missing translated email template

We noticed the EDITOR_DECISION_INITIAL_DECLINE email template doesn’t exist at all in either Spanish or Portuguese. Is this just a matter of adding it to the email templates XML on the Github OJS repository or is there something else that needs doing?


Hi @Carolina_Tanigushi,

Looks like a problem of missing email template translation. Locally on your OJS you can add translation in the email templates editor. But adding it to the OJS github would ensure the template is available with next OJS versions.

Regards, Primož

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For future references, you can download and install (unzip) the last es_ES translation here: https://revistes.uab.cat/web/sites/default/files/documents/es_es-v02_0.zip

In OJS 3.2 (January) we will be able to use weblate that will let us have es_ES and ca_ES up to date.

If somebody like to join to the translation team, please send me a private message to marc.bria(add)uab.es or via this forum.

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