Ojs 3 downloaded file name is not machine generated name

I am using OJS witch was updated from previous versions. now we are facing the file downloading name issue, the system generate a simple name while we want it to database generated file name. I think the new versions use the machine generated name but unfortunately our OJS use simple naming scheme.
If anyone have idea about this please guide me as I am new here.

Hi @Abid_Rehman, with version 3.3.0-7 the file name when downloading a published galley should reflect the name of the file when it was uploaded. You can read more about this, including some SQL queries that have been used to rename them in bulk, in this issue.

Hello @NateWr ,
Thanks for replay, can you please explain step by step how and where to put the code mentioned in replay (UPDATE submission_file_settings sfs SET sfs.setting_value=SUBSTRING_INDEX(sfs.setting_value, ', ', -1) WHERE sfs.setting_name=‘name’ and sfs.setting_value like ‘%@example.edu, %’; ) file name and location?

As at this stage the OJS download file name is user uploaded name separating with “+” symbol and I want it to OJS generated name.

Hi @Abid_Rehman, this is an SQL query. If you’re not sure how to use it, I encourage you to seek professional support. Mistakes made while interacting with the database like this can cause permanent loss of data.

Hello @NateWr ,
I run the code mentioned in the link but bad luck, the downloaded file name still not set. current naming format is “admin,+LASSIJ_2021_5(1)_41-54+(GP)R” by using admin id.
i want it like this “197-Article Text-1364-2-15-20201201” as it was in previous versions.

If I may also contribute to this large topic, I think there was a solid logic by the file naming previously in use (which took me a while to get used to). Having the article ID+filetype+file ID+download_date in the download name was honestly an easy way to track back ANY downloads form the system. At the moment - after upgrading to, we have this:


which forces any user to rename files.
I hope a fix comes soon…

Hi @lsteele ,
Thanks for contribution, in early version it was fine for us but in this version it has been changed.
now looking for solution and hope for the best…

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Hello @Abid_Rehman

For fixing the naming convention issue, we have created a free plugin that is easy to install. Visit our page here for download, instruction on installing and activating it.


Hi @goodzy,
As we were facing this problem now i have installed this plugin and it works good. the problem is solved.
thank you so much…

Is this still the way to go? Why is it necessary to subscribe to your site though?

Would you not still have to unpublish and republish all articles to actually see a change from this?

@NateWr posted an excellent solution to file download naming, you don’t need to install shady plugins:

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