OJS 3.6 Patch fails with malformed patch at line X

Hi Alec,

Still not done 3.1 is crashing now.
One thing I don’t understand. 3.1 requires PHP 7, yet the config.inc.php mysql driver defaults to mysql - which has been completely removed from PHP 7
Not only that - if you run the tools\upgrade.php script with PHP 7 it throws hundreds of warnings - if you try and run the upgrade.php script with PHP 5.6.4 it won’t run saying it needs PHP 7.

Something seems not right here - what am I doing wrong?

Can’t get passed this

[code: Installer Installer::provideSupplementaryFilesForReview]

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getFileId() on null in lib\pkp\classes\file\SubmissionFileManager.inc.php:184

I have tried three times now.

Any ideas?

This thread references that same error message (Call to a member function getFileId() on null in lib\pkp\classes\file\SubmissionFileManager.inc.php:184), and suggests that there were missing supplementary files as cause:

We had to remove files from the files repository due to a malicious attack - is that the cause? The files are not there but the entry is still in the DB?
If so how do we resolve? Do we need to remove those submissions from within the software first?

If the files were simply removed from the filesystem, then yes, I would suggest logging in with the UI in 2.x and either deleting the supplementary file record or replacing the missing file with a stub file (for example, containing text “This file has been removed”).

Thank you - will give that a go.