OJS error in Add New User


Please help me how to fix, I cant upload new user or register. it says “Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned”

I am using OJS v3.3.0.3, PHP 7.4.

Hi @Jeylourd_Alcontin,

You might want to have a look at this forum post here: Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned while adding new user "Add User" - #8 by asmecher - it is for a different version, but the same issue being encountered and the person found out that it was a file permissons issue - so you might want to check your file permissions to see that they are correctly configured. Additionally, if you could provide us with the output from your PHP error log, that may help to further diagnose the issue.

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PKP team

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What will be the specific folder that ill be giving a file permission? Tomorrow ill be sending the error log.

2021-03-01 (1) 2021-03-01

Hi @Jeylourd_Alcontin,

Hmmm… I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, but I will see if someone else is able to assist.

PKP Team

Hi @Jeylourd_Alcontin,

Try searching the forum for the error message Call to undefined function bindtextdomain(). You’ll find e.g. this thread: The 500 error in registration page

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Okay sir thank you…

We’ve just fixed the problem sir. it was because gettext extension was’nt enable or installed in the php server. now we can register. thank you so much for your respond! :slight_smile:

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