[OJS] Readers can't view pdfs

Hi @asmecher

I got exactly the same problem for this journal : https://ojs.uclouvain.be/index.php/theologica/issue/view/13

It happens only on two issues. When clicking on pdf, it redirects to search page but works if I’m connected as admin.
Do you have any advice ?


Hi everyone

In 2023 ojs I got exactly the same problem for my journal. I only have this problem in a single number of the journal, the rest work very well.


Los artículos que tenían ese inconveniente los programé para un nuevo número y funcionan sin problema. En ese sentido, el problema pareciera ser que es con el número y no con los artículos.

After uploading my website to another hosting, the PDF for the article at ‘https://www.ijact.org/index.php/ijact/article/view/138/61’ is not visible. The article’s PDF view does not display, although it is downloadable.