OJS 3.2.1 email signature does not translate


We need an email signature which translates - currently OJS appears to have only one version of the email signature which is stored in journal_settings with no locale. Settings on languages/forms has no effect. I think this is a long running issue/omission but have tested on the latest code anyway.

To recreate:

  • fresh install OJS 3.2.1
  • primary language: English
  • additional languages: Spanish
  • log in as administrator
  • configure: Settings > Website > Setup > Languages
  • ensure UI/Forms/Submissions are all ticked for all languages
  • configure: Settings > Workflow > Emails > Setup
  • modify Signature to say “English Version”, say, and save
  • switch to Spanish
  • UI is in Spanish but email signature says “English Version”

I note that:

  • journal_settings > emailSignature has empty locale
  • context.json has no multilingual setting for emailSignature

Does anyone know how to make the email signature translate - or is this a feature request?



I have not had any responses to my question about translating the email signature, so I thought I would update it and close it.

We are running a journal which is in English and Spanish, and we have a longish email signature which requires translation. I guess the lack of response means this is not a typical feature which is of interest to anyone else. But just in case, the workaround we have adopted is:

  • Create a normal translating email template to hold our email signature and can be edited in the admin page. Its called: EMAIL_SIGNATURE;
  • Include our email signature template into all our outgoing email templates as a variable e.g.: {$ourStandardSignature}
  • use a callback to ensure that the variable is resolved.

The EMAIL_SIGNATURE template includes a variable which refers to the user’s personal email signature.

We have hidden the (empty) standard OJS signature from the admin pages for now so that backend users are not aware of it.


I concur. The email signature field should allow entry in each enabled locale. This is an appropriate feature request for inclusion in the core product.

Would you be willing to open a feature request in GitHub here:


If you do not have (or do not want to create) a GitHub account, I can create the issue on your behalf.

I have submitted feature request 6110. Our github username is “ecancer”.
Thank you.