[OJS 3.1.1] User login HTTP 500 error

On a new installation, user login led to submission page at http://myweb.com/index.php/journal_name/submissions. HTTP 500 Error is displayed on the page. If submissions is deleted from the URL, page is loaded normally and the user is logged in. When clicking on Dashboard, user is taken back to the submission page and the same error shows.

To help you solve this, a bit more detail could be needed. Please take a look in your server’s PHP error log and share any lines that are written to it while reproducing your problem.

You could do the following:

  1. Log in on the command line of your server, probably by opening a ssh connection to it.
  2. Go to the log directory of your server (see here for more help on this).
  3. Type tail -f error_log (and substitute error_log by whatever file name your server’s error log uses. You will see the last few log lines in the terminal.
  4. Press the enter key a few times to create empty lines. Then use your browser to reproduce the problem.
  5. Copy/paste the log lines written to your terminal here. Be careful not to expose sensitive information like IP addresses, passwords or other data in them. If you can, trim the log lines before posting to exclude everything that is not directly related to the problem.