Ojs 3.0.2 abstract views and pdf view counter

How to make abstract and pdf views counter like this picture?


Thank you

Hi @Muhammad_Khoiruddin

Have you searched this forum for answers? – there are some posts that discuss this topic and provide a solution…


i saw for version 2.xx. i use 3.0.2

Hi @Muhammad_Khoiruddin,

I believe the solutions posts for 3.0.1 from the forum would/should work for 3.0.2 too, i.e. s. the conversation here: Article statistics showing 0 abstract views and 0 PDF downloads - #2 by bozana
and maybe here:
Display PDF and Abstract view number - #3 by Rania_Azad
or maybe this as well:
OJS Usage Statistics - #16 by kawahyu

Tell if it is not working for you…


i have try above instruction but not work.

how to upgrade that plugin?