Ojs 2.4.8 Blank page

I have successfully installed OJS 2.4.8 on local system where I have using wamp server in windows 7 with following configuration.
PHP - 5.5.12
Apache - 2.4.9
MY SQL - 5.6.17

Here it works fine.

Now I have uploaded all the files on my live server. I can’t get any error and also can’t get home page. Home page is blank.
Server Configuration
OS : Linux
PHP - 5.6.16
Apache - 2.4.18
MY SQL - 5.6.29

Kindly guide me to solve the blank page error.

What URL are you calling? Usually, a fresh OJS install redirects to the installer if you call the directory where the software was unpacked in. If that is not displayed, it is likely that there is a problem with your server’s configutaration.

If you didn’t do a fresh install but copied all OJS files from WAMP to your server, you will need to adapt the settings for base url, MySQL database connection, galley data directory path and possibly others, which you can find in the file config.inc.php in your OJS root installation.

Because in your post you only mentioned copying the files to the new server, you might have forgotten to copy your MySQL database as well. You could use a software like PhpMyAdmin for that or use a command line if available.

If you did that a look in the FAQ might help to get further information on how to solve your problem: When I click some button or follow some link, I'm left with a blank page. What do I do?

However, depending on how strongly your journal is customized, it might be easier and safer to do a fresh OJS install on your server, transfer your CSS file, adapt your settings and import/export issues and articles using the OJS functions: https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/docs/userguide/2.3.3/journalManagementImportExport.html

Dear Sir,

I have done all the settings in config.nic.php then after problem occur.
Now as per your suggestion, I have done fresh installation on the server
and it’s done successfully.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion and guidance.

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