OJS 2.4.6 + BS + FontAwesome + Google Fonts + 2 plugins



@andymp This is so great! Way to go! Will come back later and look more thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.


Hi fellows,

Although late, I finally found time to review the work done and join the crew with my most sincere gratitude and congratulations @andymp. Impressive jewel here.

BTW @asmecher et. al, wouldn’t it be nice to adopt andy’s theme as the default theme for the old OJS branch?

I know @NateWr is working hard in 3.x and he is making a great job but, as far as 2.x is still the stable (and the recommended one), and andy made most of the hard work… it’s a good opportunity to renew the look&feel for a very low cost, don’t you think?

Just thinking out loud…

Andy please, keep us informed about your future works.

Take care,


Hi @andymp,
Thank you for sharing this excellent template! it is awesome.
I downloaded the source files from this page on GitHub as a ZIP file and put it on server. But there is a problem; I see your journal’s site is using bootstrap.min.css and other CSS files from MaxCDN as the stylesheet files; however, my site is still using css files from Styles folder and does not include the files from MaxCDN. Should I enable a custom theme or plugin to use the correctc CSS files?
Also, the modal page occurs on all pages about registering or logging in to website. But even if I log in to site this modal page does not disappear and the cancel button does not work.
could you please help me on these 2 items?



@hell_boy @marc @asmecher @andymp

Well… How to explain how people here are quite frustrated do not success to install these template ?

It could be a very good idea to integrate all this work “as standard” in OJS : a great hindrance actually is the lack of possibilities to use OJS out-of-the-box, for “normal people”

Must of us are not so advanced in programmation.

Please consider my message


Hi @Quentin,

For responsive design, we’re focusing our effort on OJS 3.0, which will be released this year. See e.g. this blog post:

Meanwhile, this thread is about a 3rd-party effort; we heartily encourage this kind of work but don’t directly maintain it ourselves. It’s part of the open-source community.

See also this work, which seems to be written as a plugin for easy installation: http://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/t/responsive-theme-providers

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Can you say when you are going to release the new version of OJS this year?
We are now testing 2.4.8 but perhaps it is worth to wait for 3.0 to start with our journal.



Hi @ania,

Yes, OJS 3.0 will definitely be released this year. We are currently targeting the summertime.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


just one word, INCREDIBLE.
Is there ojs 3 that way-customized yet?