[OJS] Indexing journal system to Google Scholar

Can you try this link for your sitemap if you have a single journal:


where ABCD stands for the OJS identification of your journal

If you have multiple journal, the link for sitemap you have entered looks valid according to @bozana.

Hi @bozana, is this link not applicable to OJS


thanks @anupent i will try your suggestion.


I’d like to add a little update to this case,
Few months ago I added the sitemaps to google webmaster tool, unfortunately Google robots are extremely slow to index the pages, by now only 2,048 Indexed out of 37,185 Submitted.

Whatever the indexing of the website is quickly improving, 3 months ago we had average 4/5 clicks per day, now we have 20 clicks per days average.

Yes, I think the path is the same in

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Dear marcello
Has your problem resolved for index your journal in Google Scholar?
I have a problem like you
Can you please guide me?
thanks a lot

Hi Smaeedy,

First of all you need a google account and you need to record your website to google webmaster tool, once you do this you need to copy from your website the XML sitemap links one by one and paste them on google webmaster tool on the related page. Once you do this we need to keep an aye on google webmaster tool and see if google is indexing your pages.

You also need to set the metatag in your website such as meta description, title, meta keywords etc…

Please let me know if you need clarifications.


Dear Marcello
I successfully added the xml of sitemap in the webmaster tool but i cant see my website on google or google scholar. can you please tell me step by step that what should I do?


can you please screenshot the webmaster page where you uploaded the XML files? I assumed you have recorded your website on google scholar in advance.

Dear Marcello


thank you very much for your help

Dear marcello


Did you find out where our problem is?

Hi @smaeedy

Have you sign in your website to google scholar?

here is the url:

your sitemaps look uploaded correctly by the way

Donde encuentras el sitemap en OJS

Lo tienes arriba en este mismo hilo:

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Hello @anupent, thanks for your support on indexing journal in google scholar.
I can get the sitemap of my journal via,
After getting the sitemap, I added in Google search console.
Now the question is, whenever new article published, I need to update the sitemap and inform to Google search console. Thanks

No, you don’t need to update the sitemap in Google Search Console. The content of the sitemap is dynamic and each time a bot fetches our sitemap, it will be recreated by OJS.
Only if you have a very large sitemap (e.g. >10000 entries), the creation process may be too slow and Google or Bing may not fetch it in due time. Then it is better to save the sitemap locally (e.g. saving the content by using curl or wget to a static file).

See also Large dynamic sitemap - faster creation?

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@mpbraendle Thanks for your reply.
So initially only one time we need to submit the sitemap with Google search console, and later Google itself identified our sitemap. Is this correct?
Also “saving the sitemap locally” means, saving in the public folder in file manager of Cpanel. Am i right?
Finally updating sitemap in Google search console, in enough for Google searching and Google scholar indexing?
Please correct it, if i am wrong.

Yes, the Google Search Console is for depositing the URL of the sitemap. Yes, that should help (also enable the Google Scholar plugin in OJS), but is no guarantee that you get crawled completely.
I don’t know about Cpanel. You need to save the static sitemap file in the OJS root folder. As said, this is only necessary for very large sitemaps (>10000 URLs).