[OJS] Indexing journal system to Google Scholar

Dear @marcello8080
Have you submitted your sitemap to the google webmaster tool?


Hi Anupent,

no I haven’t submitted our sitemap, do you think it could be helpful for google scholar?

Hi @marcello8080,

In my experience it was a must to be included in google scholar.

Previously, when we had not submitted it, we were only found by google search but not by scholar.
After we submitted the sitemap, we were discovered even by scholar.

So, I suggest you submit your sitemap. You site homepage seems to be modified. For unmodified journals, sitemap is found in http(s)://mydomain.com/index.php/ABC/sitemap. Just wair for two weeks. Your articles should be available via google scholar. We have never experienced more than 10 days for google to index our articles.

Hope this helps you.


Thanks a lot Anupent, this explains why the articles are not indexed on google scholar but yes on google, although I spent hours setting up the meta tags.

I receive an email from Google that said that I should “expect to find it included within the Google Scholar results within 4-6 weeks”. are you aware about this?

one more question please, how do you send the sitemap to google? do you print the sitemap first and attach the file on google webmaster tool or do you send the sitemap link to google webmaster tool? considering that we have a sitemap for any journals, in total 63 journals in our site

Google Scholar is automatic service. It can include even a blog if it has specific meta-tags in the head of HTML. Have you read this info?:

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Dear @marcello8080,
This is how you have to add your sitemap.

I don’t know whether there is an easy way to add all the sitemaps in a link. Otherwise you need to add one for each journal. Maybe @Vitaliy or @asmecher or @bozana may help in this.

Best regards,

I have a great respect towards @Vitaliy for his contributions to this community.
He is right and is supported by the information in the given link.

But I am sharing my experience we collected regarding google scholar.


Hi all,

The site wide site map can be found under this URL: http://mydomain.ojs/index.php/index/about/siteMap. Maybe this can be used as well?



In OJS3 http://mydomain.ojs/index.php/index/sitemap

edit: thanks for everyone for this topic!

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Cool, I haven’t even know that in OJS sitemap exist :slight_smile:


I have read the google scholar documentation few times and I added the meta tag that google suggest on my journals, however most of the pages on my OJS system are not indexed by google scholar,
So, it must be something regarding the sitemaps

thanks a lot, I 'll add my sitemaps on google webmastertool today

Can you paste here a link to such pages?

Just by adding the index sitemap to webmaster tools, google found all the journal sitemaps successfully within a few minutes and created indexing requests. This is looking very promising.

link of the pages indexed or the pages not indexed?

Link to not indexed pages

this page has not been indexed on google:

but I think it is just about sitemaps, I also just realised that the website has never been verified, so I need to verified first and add all the sitemaps as well

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If you want the journal to be indexed in Google, sitemap is ideal option.
But indexing articles in Google Scholar requires just appropriate meta-tags.

the articles have the metatag already, the metatag I am talking about are citation_title, citation_authors, citation_journal_title and citation_date, but apparently there are not enough to index google scholar.

Hi @bozana

Google (Scholar or not) tracks and indexes pages using sitemap.xml file which is a XML file parsed by crawler.

I didn’t find such file in OJS. But is possible generate one and put it on journal root folder to be indexed.
It is possible generate a sitemap.xml in hand code mode or generate it in web tools like that:

I was reading a doc from 2009 - https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/docs/README-SITEMAP - and it says about a manual sitemap.xml generate. But I would like to ask if there is some plan to develop a plugin (or there is already one?) which may generate a sitemap.xml for journals in OJS?