OCS Multiple conference registration problem

hi there,

We are using OCS to host a conference with multiple concurrent affiliated/current conferences

this is the link for the OCS instance:

the problem is that users are able to register just for the first currrent conference, on other conferences the link to registration redirects to conference homepage, like here:


would this be a configuration issue or OCS is unable to handle multiple current conferences?


Hi @ronniebrito,

Do fresh registrations work for the conference that your existing user is having problems with? I would suggest checking that you’ve configured your payment plugin (even if it’s the manual plugin); it may be that a lack of configuration settings there is causing OCS to reject registrations.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Oi @asmecher and @ronniebrito

I believe that the payment plugin is set up, even if our entries will be free

share login and password test environment and kindly ask you to analyze the situation .

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Hi @David,

I removed the password from your post. Please don’t share passwords, especially administrator passwords, in a public forum!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

test environment password. no problem for us.
we can offer subscriptions to simultaneous events


Hi, any improvements on this issue? I’m also having difficulties in an event hosted at my portal.

The person with his login/password can only subscribe to only one of the options available, making it impossible to subscribe to a second and/or third and all.

Hi @Marcos_Cardoso,

Can you describe your OCS version and situation in detail? We’ve run numerous conferences using a single install of OCS and didn’t run into an assumption that only one could be registered.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have installed the latest version and the event which I’m experiencing this behaviour is located at http://proxy.furb.br/soac/index.php/sappgq/ifippgq

Unfortunately the information is in Brazilian Portuguese, but the registration information you can find at http://proxy.furb.br/soac/index.php/sappgq/ifippgq/schedConf/registration

I still couldn’t find where I can configure where someone can make a registration to more than one type of registration, if this is really possible.

Hi @Marcos_Cardoso,

Just checking on terminology – are you speaking about “type of registration” as in Registration Types (e.g. in the Conference Manager’s interface)? Only one of these should be selectable per registration, and only one registration is permitted per scheduled conference, but you should be able to register for several different conference events.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Oh yes, we’ve managed to find out the best way to work with that, thanks for the help.

hi @Marcos_Cardoso,

could you share your approach with us? How you configured OCS conferences to allow multiple registration?
I believe there are other people trying to do the same.


That’s what we’ve done:

  1. We’ve created one single Registration Type, where the user indicates he’ll join the event.

  2. Afterwards, we’ve created four Registration Options, where the user who joined the event on the previous step, may now indicate which sub-events he wants to join.

  3. To find out which sub-events this user checked, you have to go to the “Registrations list” and go one by one (through “EDIT” link) to see which ones have been checked.

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@ asmecher

Thank you for this post, it was very helpful.

Had a problem with the registration link for one of the scheduled conferences, the registration link was loading the homepage instead. I did this >payment methods>manual payment settings>typed in the necessary instructions>save
And the registration link worked.

Thank you.