OAI-PMH problems

Dear Friends,
Dialnet Management is asking us our OAI-PMH to extract the metadata from our
OJS. Accordind to them, it’s not working on. This is the link they send us:
What can we do? Can you help us about this subject?
Ricardo Freitas
Editor - Tabuleiro de Letras Revue.

Hi @ricofrei,

Have you checked your PHP error log?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

yes. it doesn’t work neither.
take a look: badResumptionToken
The requested resumptionToken is invalid or has expired

Hi @ricofrei,

You can reload the first link and get a new resumption token – those aren’t meant to last beyond a short time, so it’s probably legitimately expired.

Were you able to check your PHP error log?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I dont know How to do this. Can you explain me?

Hi @ricofrei,

See How do I find my PHP error log? - #2

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, I’ve been the same problem. I didn’t see any specific message on Apache’s log about it.
When I formed the XML, browsing the “ListRecords”, it reaches a point with this error:

Erro no processamento de XML: formatação incorreta
Posição: http://revistas.unicentro.br/index.php/RECEN/oai?verb=ListRecords&resumptionToken=21a111339acbd9441cbff2d89d5729e3
Número da linha 1100, coluna 55: <dc:description xml:lang=“pt-BR”>Para um grupo arbitrário G e um subgrupo normal H em G, o espaco G/H herda a estrutura do grupo G. Já o caso em que H não é normal em G, G/H não herda a estrutura de grupo de G. Nesse trabalho, quando H não é normal em G, vamos introduzir uma estrutura de girogrupo em G/H, já que a maioria das propriedades características dos girogrupos são propriedades de laços homogêneos com a propriedade inversa do automorfismo.</dc:description>

Translating, “processing error: bad formed”… the exactly point is in the word “arbitrário” on letter “á”… could it be because the idiom or the record?

PS: the error happens in a particular journal.

Hi @Mauricio_Adriano,

I think you’ll find that the accents are garbled in your database. I’d suggest double-checking your character set configuration (both in the database and in config.inc.php), and inspecting that particular article to ensure that the content is encoded correctly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec.

I re-checked the configuration on config.inc.php e database… it seems ok, compatible.

I think the problem is something associated with the specific journal’s configuration because this problem didn’t happen in other journals. The same process in another journal returned the XML with accents…

Hi Alec, I found the error depuring the page of OAI. The problem was special character hidden paste on metadata.

Thanks a lot!

Could you help me to find the error on my database. Can I write you
directly? Regards.

Of course… be my guest!

Thanks. I’ll write you later, when I arrive att home.

I’ll write in english cause I think it’s a public messagen in a American
But, if you want, I can write you directly in portuguese.
Well, Dialnet ask me to review our OAI-PMH. They can’t be in touch with our
server, as you can see on the messages below.
"Estamos revisando los datos que nos envió de su revistas y sentimos
comunicarle que no nos podemos conectar con el servidor de su revista para
extraer los metadatos de su OJS:

​ ".

Can you believe that you can help us?

Regards. ​

Hi, I guess your problem is different of my because the system doens’t
return a specific article. It happens when you click on “ListRecords” (
at the end of page, clicking in “resume”: there are something about a
record returned on second page (in my case I could check in Firefox browser
because it has showed the exact record with error).

You should to try watch the php log (tail -f )on server during
the click on this button.


can I write you directly?
thanks a lot.

Hi Ricardo,

Did you solved it? I have the same problem. Can you help me?