OAI JATS Plugin/JATS Metadata Format plugin have different names in Plugin Gallery and in Installed Plugins (bug?)

I noticed something when setting up journals for harvesting in

In the Plugins Gallery, there’s a plugin called OAI JATS Plugin. Once you install that plugin, it appears up in Installed Plugins as JATS Metadata Format.

Could the display names be harmonized so they take the same title in both lists?

Filed: Improvement of names · Issue #28 · pkp/oaiJats · GitHub

However, the names are documented as-is in e.g. the Coalition Publica documentation, and there is a logical distinction between the plugin name (“OAI JATS Plugin”) and the metadata format it provides (“JATS Metadata Format”). So this may not be something we rush to harmonize.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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