Number of currently logged-in users (OJS)


is it possible that Site Administrator would see how many users are currently logged-in? That feature would be helpful to choose an appropriate time for doing version upgrades or other maintenance tasks that would make the site temporarily offline. Is it possible to see active user sessions in the database?


Check out the sessions table, where created and last_used are unix timestamps.

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that should work - if I sort by ‘last_used’ I can speculate if there are any recently active users on site.


Hi Ales,
I have the same kinds of needs with our own site (active user tracking, etc.) where we run OJS 2.4.3. We recently installed Piwik on a server and I placed tracking code at the site level providing us with detailed site usage information including realtime updates of users currently navigating the site:

It’s a fabulous tool. A plugin is included in the OJS distribution, but I couldn’t get it to work and think it’s out of date. If you’re interested I can look into the coding details and pass it along.

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@rkemp, would you be able to port your fixes into the piwik plugin, if you’ve found some opportunities for improvement?


a question:

have you had problems with OJS Piwik plugin when you have mixed content in the journal page?

Pages including http and https resources does not sent the “signal” to Piwik to be recorded, as far as we have checked.

Any idea?

Thank you!