Non paypal plugin

I want to develop a custom plugin for payment, BecauseI can’t access paypal, Visa, etc. I need a plugin that:
1- after submitting paper get information of payment “fee” and then
2- redirect user to bank gateway with this info and some info that I get from bank “my account info”( my account info must be inserted in the plugin manually by admin).
3- user/s must enter their information in bank gateway and pay for paper (this step in not relevant to plugin development)
4- after the payment process in bank gateway is done, users must be redirected to his/her OJS panel with payment information like: transaction ID,
5- admin of system must can confirm payment
6- and then payment process is completed

I hope I could explain my need carefully.

If you can help me , I can develop it,

Thanks in advance


Hi @Amir_Darejeh,

First you need to know how the communication between OJS and your bank will occur. You’ll have to contact your bank and ask them the e-commerce solutions that they implement. The plugin development will depends on how they handle that.

On the OJS side, I think that extending the PaymethodPlugin class will be enough for you to implement this. You should take a look at how the implemented plugins works as a start.

If you have any more specific doubt, I am glad to help.


Hello @Amir_Darejeh,
I also need to use a national bank instead of PayPal system.
Did you produce a plugin for this purpose? or can you help me about whether I need to develop new codes or current OJS classes are usable for this purpose.