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Academic Pro Extended

New Version Theme is Release!

We Openjournaltheme are always innovating!

We listen to what most journal publishers wish for, many of the articles are not getting published/shown more time in their journal. They want some feature that allows journal publishers to show the previous and future issue articles on their journal index page.

We are very grateful because the Journal Of Gastric Surgery is willing to become a sponsor to make it happen. This feature is just one-click activation on your OJS.

We understand that this feature is very essential for a publishing journal, therefore Openjournaltheme has integrated this feature on the Academic Pro Extended theme and this is the only theme that has this feature.

Now the Academic Pro Extended Theme has the feature to display in the following item tab list:

  1. Previous issue along with its Articles
  2. Current Issue and its article
  3. Future Issue

What does this mean to you?

You can now organize the previous issue and future issue articles on the front page of your journal which will increase the visibility of any of your articles, get crawled faster by Google. This theme also supports full-text publication through the JATS file that will be useful if your journal is more readable by many visitors. This also will attract many search engines for your article because each of its keywords have been indexed by search engines.

Not just that, we also update this theme with other important of very important features :

  1. Improved theme design
  2. Announcement slider
  3. Commenting features (for the complete package of this theme).

Preview :

Complete Features :

Check Here!

Click the following link to see the demo page :

The landing page: Check here the demo page of the theme

Article page: Demo article page of the theme

We are happy to announce that our theme has got updated.
it is now compatible with OJS version 3.3.0 (or higher) since last February.

We always do maintenance on the themes we release so that users who use our themes can use OJS optimally without any technical problems, we also thank our users who have Inform the problem they experienced on our theme :slightly_smiling_face:.