New Classy OJS 3 Theme! πŸ“š

After a lengthy process of researching, design and coding for our new theme. This theme is the result of observe what kind of designs are needed by many of the journals such as indexing logo show up, color preference, the placement for journal description and more user focused menu.

Today, we are very happy to announce that have released a brand new theme. We made this theme with an elegant design so that our customers can get a unique look that will make your journal look more attractive and professional.

Don’t wait to make you more confident in your journal!

This theme is compatible with OJS 3.1.2.X and OJS 3.2.X.

We believe that the good presentation of the journal will increase its credibility.

This theme has 6 choices of header display types :

These are some of the features of the Classy Theme :

:pushpin: Unlimited Color Change

:pushpin: Slide

:pushpin: Orcid ID

:pushpin: Mini Statistics

:pushpin: Responsive Design

Complete Features : Check here!

Demo page : Check here the demo page of the theme

Article page : Demo article page of the theme

Also you can check how we provide our best support and quality to all our customers here .


Please I tried installing your free theme but it was showing me that the archive does not contain a file with the same name as the plugin. how di I go about that

Hi eddy,

Do you mean, the archive files in your journal that use the academic free theme do not appear all your archive?

Can u send me the picture ?

Hi Eddy,

Let me know about problem on theme academic_free on your journal, its have been solved? If there is a problem you can send me a message.

Thank you

We are happy to announce that our theme has got updated.
it is now compatible with OJS version 3.3.0 (or higher) since last February.

We always do maintenance on the themes we release so that users who use our themes can use OJS optimally without any technical problems, we also thank our users who have Inform the problem they experienced on our theme :slightly_smiling_face:.