Multiple ISSN numbers in a single journal?

I am doing administrative work for a journal who’s manager wants to publish additional material under a different ISSN but within the same journal/page.

So I’d need a main ISSN for the journal itself, and then an additional ISSN which could be assigned to certain “nonstandard” issues.

Is there a possibility to do this, or something similar within OJS?


Hi @KBodarwe,

OJS only allows for the one ISSN to be assigned per publication. And for ISSN’s in general, they are intended to be unique - so one per publication. If you’re using two ISSNs for one journal, this really goes against what ISSNs are intended to do - provide unique identifiers. There are some exceptions, such as publications in different languages and in different media (e.g. print and online), though. You may want to have a look at the ISSN registration requirements: ISSN, the major principles | ISSN (they also encourage you to consult with your National ISSN agency) - you would want to check whether or not your particular use case would even qualify for a separate ISSN. If they require you to have a separate, standalone publication, you may wish to start up a new publication in your OJS instance and host the separate publication there (one OJS instance can host multiple journals). You can setup a new journal in the site settings (providing you have administrator access): Site Administration

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Hello Roger,
thanks for clearing things up.
My boss handles the ISSN registration side of things, so while that is good to know (I do share your reservations regarding multiple ISSNs) it’s not quite my choice. I will pass on the feedback though.

But as I read it, it’s strictly one ISSN per Journal, with the option of opening up multiple journals per installation?

Is there a possibility to interlink the different published Issues between journals on the same installation? So the additional material could be found and accessed from the “base” journals Issue page? Manually adding a link containing the DOI of the additional material would be a workaround, but as the journals are managed by users with not much technical skill, I would rather keep the solution as simple as possible.

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We serve some journals that needed to have new ISSNs as title changes occurred.

We always indicate a separate space in the OJS for each title / ISSN. The consequences of having more than one ISSN for online version of a journal without this separation are not good, making it difficult for OJS to interoperate with other databases and systems (DOI / Crossref, DOAJ, etc.).

Below are two examples where there have been three title changes. In the second link, there is a different journal at the top. The next 3 are a continuation with a new title / ISSN.

Hi @KBodarwe,

Yes, OJS handles one ISSN per journal and can have multiple journals per installation.

I’m not sure how you would interlink published issues between journals. This conceivably might be possible by say exporting issues from one journal and importing them to another instance, or linking articles via remote galleys, or via doi links as you say, but this would a fair bit of manual work, would require upkeep, and would duplicate content, which could have implication for such things like indexing. So, while it is possible, I don’t think it would be simple, and could lead to some unanticipated complications, in my opinion.

PKP Team

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