Move Static Pages plugin to Core and remove settings like masthead, about the journal, for readers etc


Now that OJS 3.1 will have a navigation menu functionality (which is really great, thank you!), I suggest that you move the Static Pages plugin to OJS/PKP-LIB Core (rename it to just “Pages”) and remove settings like Masthead, About the journal, for readers, for libaries etc. and save these as custom Pages.

Upon creating a new journal, OJS could automatically create a standard navigation menu (like it probably does now in 3.1) and a collection of Pages linked to that menu (Masthead, About the journal etc.). Journals could then add/remove/edit that set of pages as they want.

This would also cut down the number of settings and page handlers in OJS and make it more clear where to find the data you wish to edit. OJS would also work more as a CMS.