Missing when registering anthologies in OMP

How can it be that during the registration of the individual chapters you can enter an abstract of the chapter and page entries when this information still does not appear on the final page. See e.g.:


and why is an independent landing page not created for the individual chapters?

We are running the OMP
Niels Erik

Hi @nef,

Thanks for your post. Good point. I see this was discussed a few years’ back: No link to abstract page in OMP - #18 by nef

I just tested this on OMP 3.3.0-7, and so far as I can tell this feature has not been added. I’ve flagged this as a “Feature Request” and our developers (cc @NateWr) can assess how feasible it might be to be implemented in a future release of OMP.

PKP Team

Some work has been done on chapter landing pages, which you can read about in this GitHub issue. However, we’ve run into some roadblocks with Google Scholar, which wants to dictate certain conditions for how the URL is structured.

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