Missing translations


I made translation to Azerbaijan language in ojs But some translations not shown on interface. For example: ##editor.navigation.issues##, ##editor.issues.futureIssues## and etc. I can`t found where i should put translations for these points.

Hello sarkhan.

You can find ‘missing translation’ on

locale/en_US/locale.xml:	<message key="editor.navigation.issues">Issues</message>

locale/en_US/locale.xml:	<message key="editor.issues.futureIssues">Future Issues</message>

Then, for example, you copy

<message key="editor.navigation.issues">Issues</message>

Paste on /locale/YOUR_LANGUAGE/locale.xml and you can translate it

I did it several times. Translation not shown

Also I have an error

Warning : assert(): Assertion failed in /home1/washinsc/public_html/jtcem/lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPString.inc.php on line 831

Clean cache? admin → …

I did it several times. No result