Missing tags for pt_BR in /lib/pkp/locale/pt_BR/manager.po

Hello all,

We notice here some missing tags for pt_BR in /lib/pkp/locale/pt_BR/manager.po:


What’s the best way to fix this?



Hello again,

I forgot a small detail: this happens in OJS 3.3.0-14.



It happens with first releases because translators didn’t got time to test the aplication… but it could also happen in older ones (like the 3.3.0-14 you are reporting).

Will probably be fixed in next releases… but till then you have four options:

  • Plugin defaultTranslations: Enable the plugin and missing strings will be translated… to english.
  • Plugin customTranslations: Not sure if is still working on 3.4, but if you can find it, you can add the missing stings.
  • Add the missing strings in your translation files and reload your langs.
  • Go to PKP’s weblate and “suggest” translations for the missing strings (or edit and comment to let the pt_BR main translator notice you made a change)… so next release will include the missing titles.

Easier is the first one… better? probably the last.


Hello @marc ,

For now I added the translation direct to lib/pkp/locale/pt_BR/manager.po. I also wanted to suggest the translation in weblate but did not found out how. How do I do it?



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You have detailed instructions in the PKP’s DocsHub:

BTW, as a mantainer of a couple of translations I apreciate when people “suggest” instead of “edit”.

Translations follow a sytle guide and a glossary that usually only know the translation team. If you “edit”, the translation team have no way to track this changes and could be bad for the consistency.

So, the TL;DR; version would be:

  1. Go to PKP’s weblate: https://translate.pkp.sfu.ca/
  2. Register your user.
  3. Select your lang.
  4. Localice the missing strings you like to translate or modify.
  5. Accept the CLA.
  6. Suggest a new translation.

Thanks for your help,