Missing menu translations

I have a problem with menu translations for the Croatian language.


new installation OJS
default language English
additional Croatian

I download the latest translation:

I check/search Archives is translated to Croatian but still, it is not shown. when I upload new po files I did also clear data and template cash from site administration but nothing help.

Please can someone advise me what else I can do?

you can check it on https://eiufri.uniri.hr

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we manage to resolve this by adding translations to:
and crating new translation in

I am new to OJS and I don’t know why this menu translation for the backend and frontend menu are missing, but if someone put them here (or show me how to do that) Open Journal Systems - Croatian @ Weblate I can translate to Croatian.

Hi @Ivan_Ma,

Here is the PKP Translating Guide, where you can find all the info: PKP Translating Guide

Regards, Primož

This is a common issue and it happens because sometimes the translators don’t translate as fast as the developers add (or change) the application text strings.

It will probably be adressed on next release, but till then, I suggest you using the “Default translation” plugin that replaces non existing translations by the default lang (english).