Missing locale files

I translate OJS into Serbian using generic translate plugin in my OJS installation. When I do check I see the Missing locale files with unspecified location and name. Please see screenshot in attach.
When I click on create it does not happening. Iam just prompted with a list of xml files and that is it. I still see information on those two missing locale files.
Please advise.

See this bug report from a parallel question:

There is a patch here:

Hello @ctgraham,

Do we have to worry about the missing “plugins/reports/counter/locale/pt_BR/ar1.xml” and “plugins/reports/counter/locale/pt_BR/jr1.xml”?

Creating them doesn’t work, but since you say they are dynamic…
I remember fixing this for, but the code was basically the same in

Creating these xml files should resolve the message.

Each file is really just the translation of the name of the COUNTER report at this point:

  • Journal Report 1
  • Article Report 1

Feel free to submit the translation back to PKP for inclusion in the product.

Hello @ctgraham,

OJS cannot create them through the interface… they have to be created manually…

It looks like we never finished pulling this change into the core for 2.4.8:

It is currently scheduled and 2.4.9. You can reapply the patch.