May we add a counter that measures view and download counts?

I see “Articles Total View Count” and “Articles Total Download Count” symbols on the some journals’ web pages. I can give some pictures only for sample.

Can we use like this symbols our journal’s web page?

Now I’m using OJS version.



What are you using for article metrics?
If you are using Usage Statistics plugin, this is not possible/supported per default, thus some programming would be needed…


Can you please tell us the codes and the place where to add? I am not a techie and have very little idea how to play with.

This is a journal is using OJS and there is some symbols on the home page of journal. These are statistics of journal. The symbols indicate that how many times viewed and downloaded. Here is picture.

Also I’m using OJS and I want to learn that can I use these symbols on my journal’s home page. I there anyone who knows these statistics symbols?

Start with the (fairly extensive) discussion here:

It sounds like you are looking to do the same thing, except aggregated to the site instead of to the article or issue, as was discussed previously. The process should be the same.

This will require solid experience with PHP and Smarty.

Is this a professional process or can I do this?

If you or a colleague has experience working with PHP and Smarty code, you are welcome to tackle the changes yourself. This is one of the benefits of open source. The corollary benefit is that changes which are beneficial to the broader community can be contributed back up for the benefit of all.

If you are not comfortable with working with PHP and Smarty code, you could approach this through professional services. PKP offers these services itself via Sponsored Development, other independent contractors may be able to offer the same.

Thanks all. I want to contribute and develop the OJS.


finally you managed to reach the result you were looking for?
I am asking, because three years after you I am in the same situation.
Best regards