Making a plugin for OJS3

That is weird, because I have one journal using the plugin without any problems and I think that a couple of others are using it as well.

I think it is the same problem as here: Article display page behaving differently - #14 by hannanhazari

Do you have the Recommend Articles by Author plugin enabled at the same time as embedGalley?

Do you happen to use defaultManuscript theme?

It feels as this is not so much connected to embedGalley but a bug in OJS?

About the themes, I have been looking at PLOS One as well, especially the tabbed view of their articles:
I think that it would be a nice layout to have at least these tabs:

  • Article (abstract, main metadata, maybe full text)
  • How to cite (this takes a lot of room at the moment)
  • Authors (if author biographies available)
  • Statistics (if enabled, the problem is that at the moment the stats plugin is just hooked to a multipurpose hook. You would have to add a new hook and fork the stats plugin to hook it in the right place)
  • References (if available)

A have a work on progress theme that uses Jquery UI tabs (Tabs | jQuery UI).

Another way of making room to the abstract page would be using these Accordion | jQuery UI in the abstract page side bar.