Make it possible for the author to send revision directly

If an editor wants the author to submit a revision of the manuscript file before the review stage, ie in the first stage, this must be done via the Pre-Review Discussions field. Subsequently, the editor have to upload the file again. Why not allow the author to submit the revision file himself so that it can be forwarded directly for review?
Niels Erik

I’m certainly open to this as an option. But I think we will get pushback from some journals. It is annoying for some editors if authors are uploading revised files after they have already begun an initial review.

I think it’s more likely that we will try to make it easier to move files around. Ideally, the editor should be able to move any file from a discussion into one of the workflow file lists without needing to download and upload.

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Great idea. Thank you very much.

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Hi @nef, I have a short memory! It looks like this came up in April and an issue got filed for it here:

I’m not sure this is a really high priority now, and I’m still in favor of the discussion-to-submission-file approach. But if any work proceeds you’ll see it on that issue.