Maintaining URL after importing article/issue via Native XML Plugin

I am trying to move my articles to my test journal to fix few errors, which was an unsuccessful up-gradation process a few years ago(on Live website). But we manage to remove few errors. Now I am trying to clean install our journal (on XAMPP). So I am trying to export and import all articles, issues, users, and important data. I was successfully done importing and exporting all data. But I have seen changes in my article URL. It is not acceptable for our journal.

Is there are any solution to keep the same URL after importing articles and issues URL.
Live Journal URL
Test Journal URL

Hello @Editor_IJIER,

I don’t believe that there is the ability to keep the same URLs in OJS following import, it may be that they do change. The OJS URLs are not intended as stable URLs - that is why we recommend the use of DOIs, which are intended to resolve to the staff URL of the article, no matter where it lives online.

Public Knowledge Project Staff

Dear @rcgillis

Thanks for your contribution to this topic. There is few known issue will have if I change the URL.

  1. Website will show lots of 404or500 errors on the website.
  2. Already indexed or shared URL will come with errors.
  3. The DOI will need to reassign individually.
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