Login as should be available everywhere for Editors, JM and Admins

Hello all,

As I’m getting more used to editing a journal in OJS, somethings need to improve our efficiency.

Adding a link (or having the name of the reviewer link directly) to the Log in As… option in the review panels (and this is also a request for any other submission process page and for any user!) would greatly enhance our productivity.

Having multiple OJS browser windows is a pain, memory consuming, and plain boring. We are forced to assume other user’s identities all the time, either to perform their tasks because they can’t handle the system, or check what the hell is going on when they have problems…

Sorry for the rant…

Hi @ramon,

That’s already available in OJS 3.0 / OMP 1.2.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hello @asmecher

Excellent news…