Loading English local by default and then replace language placeholders with current?

I’m newer to OJS. Maybe this question was answered before…
But is it possible to make changes to get rid of untranslated language entries such as ##plugins.importexport.native.displayName##: ##plugins.importexport.native.description## ?
Possible steps:

  1. Load English locale entries
  2. Replace loaded values with current locale

Ok, I understand that page may be shown in 2 languages. But in such way the page will be fully functional!

That’s an interesting idea, but it would be necessary to have a setting to disable this auto-fallback language: The hash signs around untranslated keys make it very easy to spot untranslated aspects in the user interface, which would be harder if default English locale strings were displayed automatically.

of course. This is the main disadvantage, but the system will render normal page without untranslated placeholders. And such pages are very hard to test for right translation when you dont see their English values … Of cource anyone can install Translate Plugin and provide full translations easily in future.

That’s why I try to find this setting first. Yeah, it should be.

P.S. this is only my at first glance opinion :slight_smile:

Hi all,

There’s a plugin for that! GitHub - pkp/defaultTranslation: This plugin displays English translation if the current UI language translation doesn't exist.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you! That’s exactly what I need