Last activity recorded on Invalid Date

We just upgraded from to

In the four lists in the Submissions page (editor’s view) articles have a down-pointing blue arrow that brings up more information about the article.

Using Firefox on Linux or Mac, this includes a line like “Last activity recorded on 11/13/2019”. Using Safari on Mac, this line always says “Last activity recorded on Invalid Date”.

We tried this on two Macs with the same result (both running MacOS 10.14).

My initial guess was that Safari is holding onto an obsolete javascript, but several attempts I’ve made to clear that condition haven’t made a difference. So it might be something else.

Thanks, Brendan.

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Hi @bdm,
As a Mac user, I get the same error on Safari. The error appears both on English and Turkish interfaces in Safari. On Windows 10, while Microsoft Edge displays the dates without any problem, IE11 is also problematic.
When it comes to Firefox or Chrome, the dates appear in different formats.
Turkish interface: dd/mm/yyyy
English interface: m/d/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy

My time format is;

; Site time zone
; Please refer to lib/pkp/registry/timeZones.xml for a full list of supported
; time zones.
; I.e.:
; time_zone=“Amsterdam”
time_zone = “Istanbul”

; Short and long date formats
date_format_trunc = “%m-%d”
date_format_short = “%Y-%m-%d”
date_format_long = “%B %e, %Y”
datetime_format_short = “%Y-%m-%d %I:%M %p”
datetime_format_long = “%B %e, %Y - %I:%M %p”
time_format = “%I:%M %p”

Some screenshots are attached.




I haven’t made any progress in solving it. Our config is the same as yours except that we have time_zone = “UTC”. As an experiment I changed my system time zone to UTC also, but it made no difference.


I think we’re seeing the same with a journal test set-up in OJS-3.2.0.

The journal locale in is “en_US”. No additional locales have been installed in the OJS admin interface.

What’s weird is that I am seeing the correct activity date listed:

Last activity recorded on Monday, March 30, 2020.

That’s on a Windows 10 PC, OS language English, with Firefox/Opera/Edge (in Belgium, if that matters).

Now, my German colleague (who’s on Mac) is seeing the correct date in Firefox, but in Safari, the same activity is displayed as:

Last activity recorded on Invalid Date.

Is this a Javascript issue with Safari (as it seems to be suggested in [OJS] Submissions page: date of last activity doesn't follow configured date format · Issue #5517 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub that Javascript is responsible for formatting the dates)?




I can confirm the same problem, and I am struggling to fix it.
I am using Safari on a Mac, on OJS 3.1.2-4 and on a different one on OJS 3.2.0-2.

Any progress from your side?
Best regards,


I confirm it. On OJS in Safari 14.0.3 for macOS the same thing. The error is not fixed

We are in the process of updating from OJS 3.2 to OJS 3.3 and I confirm that this is still an issue in Safari.

Hi @hxo82,

This appears to be related to this issue here: [OJS] Submissions page: date of last activity doesn't follow configured date format · Issue #5517 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
Feel free to follow along with the progress on this issue there.

Initially, it was slated to be included as part of the 3.3 release, but it looks as though it was not able to be prioritized for inclusion into that release, but it is on our development team’s radar to be incorporated in the future.

PKP Team

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