Keywords not showing - locale related bug?

I am setting up a dual language journal in OJS 3. The journal has interface and publishes articles in both English and Swedish.

We have an issue with article keywords dissappearing if the UI language is set to Swedish.

To clarify: Keywords show up correctly when UI is set to English. However, when UI is switched to Swedish, the keywords dissappear. This seems to happen both for English and Swedish language articles, however, they only have keywords submitted in English, no translated keywords.

  1. UI set to English - keywords shown:

  2. UI set to Swedish - keywords dissappear:

Is this something that could be fixed/changed in futures updates, so that english keywords will appear if there are no keywords entered in another language?

see [OJS] Show keywords if available in any locale · Issue #3370 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Ok, seems to be a known issue then.

I suppose a manageable workaround for editors would be to just copy keywords into both (all used) locales?