Keyword cloud plugin doesnt appear

I have OJS my templates are: Default Theme and manuscript defult child theme working both, so could you explain which steps i have to made to make this plugin show?


I check topics related but anyone give a solution relevated to version

Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad ,

The problem could be if you are using multiple languages and have keywords for one language only. Is that your case?

Regards, Primož

@primozs yes I am using english and spanish what I am supposed to do in that case

Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad

Can you confirm that you are using the latest version available in the plugin gallery?

Also, can you confirm that searches for terms present in the abstract and title of articles are found by the internal OJS search?

If both answers are yes, if possible provide the link to this journal, we can try to identify something. It can be in private.

Note: We have a similar report for OJS version 3.3.0-6.

@abadan yes I am using the latest version plugin and yes to the search thing. You want me to provide the link in private show me how

Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad ,

You can verify two things:

  • Does the plugin show nothing in both languages or only in one?
  • Are the keywords entered for moth languages or only one?

Regards, Primož

Yes the plugin shows for both languages
Can you tell me where do I have to insert or entered keywords? Is there a configuration to enter keywords?

Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad

The keywords are to be entered in the keywords field of the articles. Do you have them?
Do you see any keywords in the keywords plugin if you select English or Spanish or in none of them?

Regards, Primož

@primozs I solved the problem it was not showing because I didnt add keywords in the articles. You have to insert in both english and spanish

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