Journal with Epochs - Revista con épocas


I want to publish in OJS a Journal that has 3 epochs, each one with a different title, numeration and structure (in the sense of sections). I would like to know:

  1. how to model this situation: each epoch should be a different title or it’s posiible to register somehow the different titles?

  2. in this journal the structure of numbering is not Vol / number but Year / number, ¿can this be configured OJS?

Thanks in advance
Camilo Freire

Estoy intentando publicar en OJS una revista que tuvo tres épocas, cada una de ellas con un título diferente, quisiera saber

  1. cómo se modela esta situación en OJS. ¿Debería ir cada época en un título distinto o sería posible indicar la existencia de diferencias épocas?

  2. la numeración de las revistas no sigue la forma Vol. / número sino Año / Número, es posible cambiar la forma de numerar los números en OJS

Desde ya muchas gracias
Camilo Freire

Hello @cfreire1,

What you’re suggesting is likely possible in OJS, a combination of the elements (volume, number, year, etc.) is possible in the settings when you create in an issue (the example I give here is from OJS 3.3, so it assumes you’re using a later version of OJS):

So, while the year/number system that you mention can be used, bear in mind that it could have a number of implications, say, if you’re wanting to be included in indexes or something like that. We give some more in-depth advice in our guide here:

Others who may have used different numbering schemes may certainly wish to add comments.

PKP Team

@rcgillis thank you very much, I’ll read the suggested documentation