Journal Search Service Error

Journal Search Service Error

How to remove this error and what is this

Hi @sciplatform,

seems as if you enabled the Lucene Search Plugin and did not configure it properly.
Log in as journal manager and got to System Plugins, then Generic Plugins, there you find “Lucene Search Plugin” and see whether it is enabled or not (per default it is disabled).
The instruction how to configure the plugin can be found at:

There have been some bugs in older versions of OJS see
If you are running these you may consider upgrading or maybe you did upgrade and forgot to apply the patches.

Hope this helps

Claudia Jürgen

Lucene Search Plugin
The Lucene plugin provides multi-language support, improved search result relevance, faster indexing, better scalability and more.

I have not found any option of plugin

Hi @sciplatform and @cjuergen ,

As part of the optimization of external search support for OJS, the PKP Technical Committee is looking for use cases and relevant experience with the Lucene/Solr plugin for OJS.

GitHub - ojsde/lucene: Plugin for Solr/Lucene support in OJS. or via Plugin-Gallery

We are going to organize a meeting with all the interested parties. If you are interested in sharing requirements, user experiences and use cases, please feel free to contact me.

Dulip Withanage