I am new to OJS and I want to know how to configure in right sidebar Journal content Search and browse block?
My version of OJS is OJS

Thanks in advance.

Hi @netko.nepoznatti,

you can move that block into the right sidebar by logging in as journal manager, then clicking on “Setup”, “5. The Look” and then scrolling down to “5.6 Journal Layout”. Use the smaller arrow buttons between the middle column “unselected” and the “right sidebar” to move the item where you like it. There are also buttons for horizontal sorting. The block name you are looking for is “navigation block”.

Hope this helps!


I am aware of that, but there is no navigation block in Journal Layout section. How can i enable it?


Hi @netko.nepoznatti,

could you please check in Journal Management → System Plugins → Block Plugins that “Navigation Block” is included in that list?


No its not included in list.

Hm, that’s odd, because it is usually included in the default OJS install. Please log in to your server via ftp or ssh and check if the following directory exists: [ojs_root_directory]/plugins/blocks/navigation This is where the files for that plugin are located.

If they are not there, you might be missing more OJS files as well - do you experience any unexpected behaviour with your install?

Anyway, to solve your problem, I’d suggest you copy the missig files from the GitHub repository and then run the command php tools/upgrade.php upgrade in your OJS installation (Source).

(Please note: The upgrade script can be quite powerful, so you might like to try this in a test copy of your journal first.)

Hi, I created a new Block (on sidebar) with php code but I have 200 journals, How can I add this block by default in all the view journals?

Do I need to add this block one by one?

This code only print a setting:

 {if $currentJournal->getSetting('var1') != 0}
     <span class="title">VAR1</h2></span>


Hi @xavi,

I’ve already responded to your other post. Please don’t post the same issue several times – it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team