Jounal not being created

Hi @Altaf_Bankotkar,

Your server isn’t delivering the PATH_INFO CGI variable correctly to the PHP environment – notice how it’s delivering it as ORIG_PATH_INFO instead. See [OJS3.0.2] Webserver delivers [ORIG_PATH_INFO] instead of [PATH_INFO] for some discussion of this and at least one suggested work-around.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

For anyone out there having the similar problem, my issue has been resolved by doing the following.
I Uploaded the php.ini file in my server. This file can be found on etc/php/7.2/apache2

Just copy this file and upload on your webserver

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Hello Altaf, could you give more detail? I have the same troubles after upgrading OJS… Where exactly did you copy this file?
Thanks for your help!

in the root OJS installation file (where your config.php file is also located)

I didn’t find a file php.ini nor a etc/php/7.2/apache2 directory

give me your mail ID, i’ll send you the file. Just paste it in your root installation folder where config.php is located.

this is my mail:

sent Peter… good luck

can you send me the file to me

please also send to my email

he has send you the file? did you solve the problem?

Hi Altaf,
Could you please send me the file, as I’m encoutnering the same problem?
Thank you very much.

could you send me the file to I have the same problem

Hi Altaf

Could you send the file to