JOB offer OJS programmer

Dear community,
Université de Paris is hiring a programmer to, mainly, build journals identities within OJS and develop OJS/OMP plugins.
The job is located in Paris, and the contract is for two years and renewable .

Please do not hesitate to share the job offer,
and feel free to ask me any questions,


Resulting from the merger of the universities of Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot, and the integration of the Institut de physique du globe de Paris, the University of Paris is developing within its three faculties - Health, Sciences and Societies & Humanities - and 138 laboratories, a multidisciplinary training offer and research activity with strong international influence (key figures).

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The development engineer participates in the renewal of application tools dedicated to research services within the Direction générale déléguée des bibliothèques et musées (DGDBM) d’Université de Paris selon des choix d’intégration et/ou de développement.


The Direction générale déléguée des bibliothèques et musées (DGDBM) brings together 260 agents in 18 libraries and 2 museums welcoming 2.3 million admissions per year for 5,000 reading places around a collection made up, in particular, of 1.3 million books and 4.5 million pages digitized. Its service project is developed around three: Open Science and citizen science, the national and international promotion of the University of Paris’ heritage and scientific production and a policy of innovative services for users.


The Science Ouverte et Accompagnement de la Recherche (SOAR) departement, is made up of two teams, one dedicated to the design and implementation of the university-wide publications ecosystem (referencing of scientific productions, open repository HAL UP, editorial platform), the other to the design and implementation of support systems for research projects focused on the issue of research data, including a Digital Humanities Center created in January 2021

Hierarchical positioning / management

The development engineer is administratively attached and assigned to the Direction générale déléguée des bibliothèques et musées. He / she works in coordination and collaboration with other engineers from libraries and IT systems department and within the functional framework defined in agreement with the IT systems department.

Main Activities
• contribute to the development of the publishing plateforme with OJS and OMP
• Studies prior to the development of application tools;
• Drafting of technical specifications;
• Ensure and disseminate a strategic watch in the field.
• Ensure the deployment and configuration of applications;
• guarantee the proper integration of applications into internal and external information systems;
• Ensure the evolutionary and curative maintenance of the deployments carried out;
• Produce technical documentation ;
• Design and implement training and technical support systems.
• Ensure, alone or in a team, the modeling, development and acceptance of applications or application overlays;
• Ensure the evolutionary and curative maintenance of the developments carried out;
• Design technical documentation supports;
• Design and implement training and technical support systems.
Support for user and administrators
• Design functional documentation supports;
• Design and implement training and functional support systems.

Project management methodology
Web development : Back : PHP, framework API-Platform (Symfony) ; Front : ANGULAR (framework IONIC), LESS, smarty, javascript
Databases: MySQL/PostgreSQL
Institutional, context Universities-Research

Project Management
Practice agile development
Facilitate a meeting
Write documentation
Conduct a needs analysis
Deploy, intergrate, design, develop, web application in fht context of Open Science ans Semantic Web.

Social skills
Taste for teamwork
Listening and dialogue skills. Taste for project management assistance and user assistance;
Rigor, autonomy, sense of initiative and organization
Ability to report
Quality of analysis and synthesis

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