JATS publication and TIFF images

We have a journal which has been publishing JATS galleys of their articles, and has been using references to TIFF images in the JATS, which make sense with the JATS standard and preservation standards. They report that these TIFF images used to render in the browser (we use the lensGalley plugin to publish them), but no longer do. Certainly TIFF should not be considered a web-friendly publishing format.

With hundreds of published supplementary image files now confirmed to not render in any major browser, what are our best ways forward?

  • Should this be a data “cleanup” to change the images post-publication to a web-friendly format which is also supported by JATS (perhaps png or jp2000)?
  • Should this be an enhancement to the lensGalley plugin(s) to dynamically convert the TIFFs to a web-friendly format?
  • Is this potentially broader than just JATS, and others have (ill-advisedly) used TIFF for HTML galleys? Should a general plugin be maintained to dynamically convert TIFF to a web-friendly format?

Thanks, all.

If choosing the 3rd option, 3.4 is having support for job batches which look suitable for this task. Unlike modification of lensGalley, it’ll resolve the problem once and for all but requires modifications in several places (creating a new dependant file, parse galley XML and replace links…) which initially is going to take more time to implement.