JATS Parser v2.0: JATS XML to HTML and PDF conversion



The last error message is below:


I think that this problem is due to the differences between old and new OldGreggThemePlugin.inc files.

Old plugin seems like this:

New plugin seems like this:

How can I solve this problem?

Now my journal website is off. May you help me about this urgently?

Thanks in advance


Hi @ikram

I don’t see any syntax related errors in the code. Can you confirm that you are using PHP 7.1+?


Yes, my php version is PHP 7.2


This error says that there is a syntax error in pointed part of code. And I know that this code is valid for PHP7.1+
How did you check you PHP version?


I use return type declarations that was introduced in PHP7.1 and those errors are quite the same for cases, when PHP interpreter doesn’t support them.


I am so sorry. First I looked here before.

But then when I look at phpinfo version 5.6 I saw :frowning:

I wonder how to upgrade php version


Whenever you unzip the file to the installation directory / plugins / generic / the plugins activation screen inside the OJS does not load. I can access the screen but keep searching the plugins and never open the relationship. When I exclude the folder it normalizes the loading.


Hi @Walter_Luiz_Oliveira

Do you have an access to the PHP error log? Do you see there any errors or fatal errors while trying to access plugins activation screen with unpacked JATS Parser?