iThenticate workflows

Hi all, I’m curious how folks who are using the iThenticate plug in with OJS are managing that workflow, particularly if you host more than one journal. With one account per OJS install, it looks like I either have to be willing to share iThenticate credentials with journal editors (we just have one journal but there will be more) who will then have access to everything in the iThenticate account, or I have to position myself in the workflow (mediate the transmission of reports, somehow), which is definitely not sustainable.

How are others handling this process?


Hi Gail,

We work with several journals using Ithenicate and we have given each editor an Ithenticate account, but have limited their access/view to just the folder containing their journal’s submissions. That is, we have created one folder for each journal in Ithenticate and created an account for each editor (Manage Users, in the top bar).
If you click on any of the journal folders you will see a “Sharing” tab where you can share the folder with any of the users. The user will then have access to that folder only.


Best wishes,

Boa tarde, como vcs fazem com os trabalhos que não devem passar pelo Ithenticate.
Atualizamos a nossa versão OJS2 para OJS3, pelo que entendi com o plugin, assim que o autor finaliza a submissão o OJS já encaminha para análise no Ithenticate.
A minha dúvida é que temos alguns trabalhos que já são descartados após a submissão. Tem algum comando que o editor possa fazer para não enviar essas submissões?