Is it possible to get Logo PKP in high resolution

Hi… @asmecher

¿Is it possible to get Logo PKP for OJS in high resolution?
On my site I need the biggest and most visible pkp logo …


I was looking for the same thing a couple of months ago and found this:


@ajnyga Thanks for responding … this will be very useful for me!

Have to dig this thread out:

Is there a vectorized version of the PKP logo? I’m currently creating a poster for a poster exhibition at Open Access Days 2017 in Dresden and I could only find a jpg on white background. The linked logo above would work but a vectorized logo would be better.


Hi! Here’s an SVG file.

thanks a lot! @stranack

@stranack, link broken. :blush:

What about adding PKP’s coorporative image somewhere in the web?

We’re definitely looking at doing that as part of our site redesign. In the meantime, here is a new link.

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